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《Feeding Times》

Video and installation | Dimension variable | 2021


Commission by the exhibition “Housing Things : Compilations, Gatherings, and Practices Shared in An Art Space” 

In a certain sense, an art exhibition is a dynamic process that brings together "individuals (artists, curators, audience), events (exhibition affairs, activities), and objects (artworks)" within a specific time and space. The exhibition venue not only houses the artworks themselves, but also carries a certain privilege of detachment from reality. More precisely, we engage in discussions about various real-life issues that concern artists within the isolated chamber defined as an "art space," while the artworks themselves provide narratives and contexts.


As artists contemplate how to convey the concepts of their works, the transformation from the "private" to the "public" sphere becomes an essential process that must be dealt with. This also compels artists to attempt to envision the moment when the artwork meets the audience—how should the audience view it? Or, how should the audience be fed?


Liu Yu and Wu Sih-Chin embarked on an exploration of "feeding" in their artwork. Drawing from their own life experiences as students, they crafted a fictional short story. Within the alternative space affiliated with OUR Museum, they created an imaginative spatial video installation centered around a "reptile terrarium" This space was adorned with numerous objects, including humidifiers, cricket towers, heat lamps, artificial rock formations with water features, flowing water, and plants, all of which were reimagined by the artists as reptile accessories. These objects simultaneously fused the spatial qualities of "residence" and "exhibition space." They functioned as furniture, garden landscaping, sculptures, and acoustic panels in video room, presenting themselves in various unconventional forms within the exhibition space. 


On the curtains of the second-floor space, projections played videos depicting various animal feeding scenes found on the internet, continuously looping. As viewers watched these "feeding videos," were they also being "fed" by these online video? The artists aimed to explore various definitions of "feeding" (physical feeding, cinematic feeding, sensory feeding, etc.) within the exhibition, expanding our imagination of how we engage with artworks.


錄像與空間裝置 | 尺寸因空間而異 | 2021






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