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《Heritage Tour》

wireless headphone, tatami, cement, marble, duvet, hypnotist, tour guide, ASMR | 24'16 | 2019

Liu Yu, Wu,Sih-Chin Present

About the Project:

Heritage Tour offers a complex, immersive spatial experience. The visitors would walk through a “Museum of Dark History” under the guidance of a hypnotist, and the itinerary takes 24minutes 16seconds. Here, the dark history refers not so much to the historical memories of any single event rather a composite of events, phenomena, and spaces in different times and places. The composite is displayed as cases in the tour. The narratives in the five chapters of this work are woven from the speeches of the hypnotist, the tour guide, and the ASMR, together with the audio-visual effect and the spatial installation. Its sources of reference include the Nazi concentration camp Sachsenhausen, the architectural proposal for a monument to the dark history, re-education camps, and Taitung Yenwan Rogue Detention Center.

The history of these jump cut-like links is not thoroughly studied, because Heritage Tour can neither trace the origin of history nor answer questions about history. The human mind has long oscillated between good and evil, hence the endless cycle of trauma and recovery. However, will these binary codes of morality remain binding when it comes to human nature, consciousness, and emotion? The script of Heritage Tour contains a long list of keywords, such as discipline, freedom, evil, recovery, labor, body-mind-spirit, respiration, softness, non-emotional materials, and monument. It embeds the unsolvable mystery of the dark history in a certain living condition of contemporary society – in the need for spiritual energy and self-healing. It seeks to transcend the rigid confines of historical baggage and moral code, directly using sensory perception and inner soul to grasp the past conserved as the “dark heritage.” By doing so, this work will finally immerse the spectators in a disciplinary space and leave the definition of “freedom” to their imagination therein.

The Credits:

Script: LIU Yu, WU Sih-Chin, WANG Sheng-Hua


Editing: LIU Yu, WU Sih-Chin

Spatial Design: LIU Yu, WU Sih-Chin

Dubbing: Hynoptist / WANG Sheng-Hua, Tour Guide / MA Wei-Yuan, ASMR / TSENG Hsin-Yen

Music: CHEN Shu-Huang

Lighting Software Engineering: CHENG Hsien-Yu

Special Thanks: CHANG Chia-YU, JIA Chien-Ru, KUO Po-Yu, SHE Wen-Ying, CHANG Shan-Hsueh, WANG He-Hsiung

Commission by Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab


無線耳機、榻榻米、水泥、大理石、棉被、催眠師、導覽員、ASMR | 24分16秒 | 2019
















C-lab空總台灣當代文化實驗場 委託製作

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