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《Muntjac Imitation》

Single-channel video, clay, soil, woods | 11'53 | 2019

An excellent hunter must imagine himself as the prey of his hunt. When he runs through the bushes with senses of his physical body acutely in tune with nature, it is as though he traveled through a conversion tunnel and became the animal he’s chasing. As one of the projects to explore the relationships between humans and animals, this video intends to address the transformation from humans to animals and vice versa. Through the recording and investigation of a hunter’s essential skills like tracking and mimicking animals, as well as through an “animal whisperer’s” interpretation of the mind of the Reeve’s muntjac in the video, we may be able to transform ourselves into animals in our minds.


單頻道錄像、黏土、土、木頭 | 11分53秒 | 2019


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