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《 My name? I have a lot of names 》

Augmented reality、Rocks、Iron、Stone-like paint400x600x150 | 2018

When we talk about an extinct species, we always make different academic and cultural interpretations; in the meantime, this species becomes a certain imagined aggregate. There is an extinct race in the legend of the indigenous peoples: traces of the Negrito can be found in almost every tribe. By coincidence, the artist learned that the hill next to the Daniao River was one of the old Negrito sites; therefore, he chose the site to install his work. In this place, there is actually no clear line between legend and reality. Just as we think that the things in this world can be divided into the virtual and the real, we can help but ask: is what we believe to be real often turns out to be virtual?

The Hidden South Art Project:
Location : Google map search (22.380026 , 120.910495)
AR Technical support:Huang, Yang Ling
3D Technical support:Shiaru, Shiau Yun



AR擴增實境軟體、石頭、鐵、仿石漆 | 400x600x150 | 2018



作品位置:大鳥溪(巫萬溪)旁空地 (22.380026 , 120.910495)



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