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《 :Why we haven’t seem any (  ) ? :Well…,Cause we killed them all. 》

Mix media | 180x120x240 | 2016

Uluru/Ayres Rock is the nature heritage, one of landmarks in Australia. The red massive sandstone monolith located in the center of Australia continent. It stands 348 meters in height and is considered a holy land by indigenous people. Now it is the most famous tourist spot in Northern Territory of Australia, endless tourists and tour buses visit it and the cultural centre every day. One of the most popular views of Uluru is when sunrise and sunset, the slanting rays of sun make Rluru look red. That’s why people called it the “Bloody Uluru”.


《:為什麼我們沒看見(  )? :噢 ....,被我們殺光了。》

樹脂翻模、油畫布輸出、木材、攝影燈 | 180x120x240 | 2016

「烏盧魯/艾爾斯岩」為澳大利亞自然遺產地標之一,坐落於在澳洲大陸中心的紅色巨石,標高348公尺,殖民時期前此地為澳洲原住民活動的重要聖地,現為澳洲北領地最著名的觀光景點,每日有絡繹不絕地遊覽車及大量旅客,並設有原住民文化館。烏盧魯有個非常著名的觀光特色,即岩石表面的顏色在日出與日落之時會因太陽斜射使得巨石顯現一片赤紅,被稱為此地最著名的觀光奇景「血紅烏魯魯(Bloody Uluru)」。


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